We love Iceland


36 hours in Rome

The clock is ticking ...

Go green

We try our best to make our trips as eco-friendly as possible. We need to be kind with nature, as nature has so much to give us. That is why we think about sustainable and paperless solutions for your next event. 


MAX Philosophy - take one step back

At MaX, we like to take the time to reflect and philosophise about life in general, and more specifically: the next unforgettable trip we’re setting up for you!

You in the spotlight

As always, our clients are our best ambassadors. Since they’ve worked with us, they know what we do, and why we do it best.

Let’s share some kind words from Laurent, commercial sales director at Facq:

Get wired

Behind the scenes of every great event, there’s a highly skilled team buzzing around to make the magic happen.